Green is the color of life nature, growth and freshness. As part of the school activity Green Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Rosary Kindergarten on Wednesday 27th June 2018. The Kindergarten teachers and students came to school dressed in different hues of green.

The classrooms were beautifully decorated in green theme like green balloons, green vegetables chart, fruits, trees and animals. Different types of green objects were brought by every individual student.

The day began with a short prayer and continued with activities like singing rhymes on green color. The students were taught the recognition of green fruits, vegetables, trees and animals. Few UKG students spoke on Mango tree, Banana plant and X-mas tree. All the students enjoyed coloring the picture of Brinjal, Parrot and tree as per day’s theme.
Our Headmistress Mrs.Jeanette Fernandes visited the class and appreciated the children on their enthusiasm and interest and the color identification.

Green day was a learning experience for the children was very enjoyable. Children were excited, enjoyed the special day and went home with smiles on their face.

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