Learning colours is an important part of every child’s early education. During this academic year 2018-19 we had given importance to four prime colours Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. To reinforce the effect of Yellow colour the Rosary Kindergarten celebrated “YELLOW DAY” on 18th January 2019.

Students and Teachers were all dressed in Yellow attire. Teachers had decorated the room with Yellow balloons, various drawings with shades of Yellow prepared by the students and different types of yellow objects brought by every student like toys, different vegetables, fruits and so on...

The day began with the invocation led by the students. Teacher Sujatha D Souza welcomed the gathering. Baby Nikitha commenced the programme by speaking a few words on the colour “YELLOW”. This was followed by different songs, rhymes, dance, giving importance to the colour and the spelling of the word “YELLOW”. In between students spoke few lines on the sun, the moon, fire, fruits and vegetables associated with the colour Yellow.

The Director of the Rosary Kindergarten Rev. Fr. J. B. Crasta presided over the programme. The Director asked a few questions to the children about the colour and highlighted on the importance of the colour Yellow. He said colour Yellow is characterised with warmth, brightness and clarity and it is also associated with happiness and sunshine. He enthused the children to be happy and bright like the sunshine. He appreciated and congratulated the children for their beautiful performance and lauded the teachers for their involvement and tireless efforts in bringing out the best from the students.

The Headmistress Mrs. Jeanette Fernandes congratulated the students, the teachers and also thanked the parents for their co-operation and support in making “YELLOW DAY” a memorable event. Teacher Miss. Savitha Shetty proposed the vote of thanks. The students enjoyed the day. “YELLOW” the colour of wisdom, brightness and happiness had a positive influence on our tiny tots.

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