“The influence of a good teacher cannot be erased”. A heartily felicitation programme was given to Mrs Jeanette Fernandes for her excellent service of 34 years to Rosario Institution on the 5th August, 2022 in the Rosario Cultural Hall.

The programme began with a Prayer Dance by the Higher Primary Student, sentiments were expressed by the student, the School Pupil Leader, Miss Reeha . Tr. Mayzita expressed the sentiments on behalf of the staff to the retiree. Students expressed their feeling through a farewell song. The Teaching Staff wished her well through a song.

The Administrator Rev. Fr Vinod Lobo expressed the qualities that were deep rooted in her and also wished her well. A beautiful action dance was put up by the students of lower primary. The Correspondent Rev. Fr. Alfred Pinto wished her good health, peace of mind and contentment in life.

‘A grateful heart never fails’. So Mrs Jeanette was grateful to each and everyone who had supported her in the long tenure. Vote of thanks was proposed by Tr. Veena. The programme was beautifully organised by Tr. Roopa Nayak.

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