St.Claudine Thevenet Foundress of the congregation of the religious sisters of Jesus and Mary

The congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary was founded by St.Claudine Thevenet on 6th Oct 1818 in the city of Lyons in France. St.Claudine was born on 30th March 1774 in France. She was the second child in a family of seven. She was lovingly called as ‘Glady’ for she was truly good, helpful, kind and loving. Her youth was profoundly influenced by the violent repercussions of the French Revolution, especially by the brutal execution of two of her brothers which she herself witnessed. Her heroic forgiveness, in imitation of Christ on the Cross, opened her heart to every form of human misery, and led her to dedicate herself to works of mercy. When she was 19 years of age she responded to God’s call committing herself totally to God’s work. She opened her motherly heart to welcome orphans and to educate young girls. Hers was pedagogy of Love…….. A love that she drew from the heart of Jesus.

It was said that St.Claudine was burned with zeal for love of God. She had experienced His Merciful goodness and it was her great desire that the world come to know this good God. She had a special love for the poor and among them the most deprived. She lived her life of holiness in union with Jesus and Mary which was expressed by her on her death bed, “HOW GOOD GOD IS!” Her total yes was completed as she breathed her last on the 3rd Feb 1837.We celebrate her Fest on this day. But her charismatic gift of Forgiveness, self-sacrificing life, the love for the poor and her life of faith and abandonment, were carried on by the members of the congregation.

Five years after the death of Claudine, the religious of Jesus and Mary responded to the invitation of Rt. Rev.Bishop Antoine Borghi who was then the Bishop of Agra Diocese to continue the work of Claudine in India. So the six pioneers from Lyons left for India on 27th Jan 1842 for the first mission of the congregation of Jesus and Mary. The sisters devote themselves in giving Christian education to young girls of all social classes in schools, colleges, and retreat houses, Dispensaries, village development work, and women’s upliftment. They also provide boarding and hostel facilities for the students. The congregation also promotes and admits vocations in accordance with its constitution.

Charism: To make Jesus and Mary Known and loved through Christian education.

Apostolate: Education, pastoral and village work, upliftment of women especially the poor and the street children.

Generalate is in Rome and Provincialates in India are in Delhi, Pune and Gujarat.

Convent of Jesus and Mary in Mangalore




The project to form a community at Mangalore was launched by sister Raphael Reis the then the provincial and the councilors of Delhi province. The one who initiated and helped us was Fr. Charles D’Souza the then parish priest of Sacred Heart Cathedral New Delhi. It is through Fr.Chrales D’Souza that we were invited by the late Bishop Basil D’Souza for the consecration of the Auxiliary Bishop Aloysious Paul D’Souza the brother of Fr.Chrales D’Souza.

Mr. Michael D’Souza the brother of Fr.Charles D’Souza and Bishop Aloysious Paul D’Souza the Bishop of Mangalore was responsible for selecting a present plot for us.

On 4th September1997 the foundation stone was blessed by Rev.Dr.Aloysious D’Souza the Bishop of Mangalore and placed at the site by Sr.Rephael Reis.

The pioneer sisters in the community were
1. Sr.Irene Rodriguez (superior)
2. Late Sr.Ulrica Ferro
3. Sr.Matilda Braganza
4. Sr. Rose Joseph


At Present we are six Sisters in the community, namely Sr.Sophie Joseph (superior), Sr.Matilda Braganza Sr.Elsa Parasseril, Sr.Lavina Monthero Sr.Sheela Arullappan, and Sr.Lumet D’Souza.

Thus we become a part of this historical Church of Our Lady of Rosario Cathedal.The diocese provides facilities for the spiritual life of the sisters and the inmates of the institution.



The Convent of Jesus and Mary Mangalore, established on 4th September 1997, aims primarily at all round formation of the residential students with a special emphasis on the preservation and development of the catholic faith and religious practice. It also aims, at the training of young women, to fit them to fulfill these obligations in their homes and society.



Hostel is named after Blessed Dina Balanger who was one of the RJM sisters. She was a Musician and a Mystic. Her motto was “Love and Let Jesus and Mary have Their Way” Dina was born on April 30th 1897 In Quebec in Canada. After her musical studies in New York she gave concerts for charitable works. During this period she heard the call Of Jesus, and in response to that call, she said ‘YES’ to Jesus. Then she decided to join the congregation of Jesus and Mary. In following Jesus faithfully she served as a religious of JM very cheerfully. Due to her ill health she died on 4th September 1929, at the age of 33.We keep this day as her Feast. She was beatified on March 20th, 1993.



Admission to the hostel is open to all young women of all communities without distinction of caste or creed however; preference is given to the Catholics and the poor. We have space for seventy students.

We also have a ‘come and see’ programme for the young who wish to join the congregation. We keep them for a year to learn English and prepare them for the petulancy.

We are happy to work in this diocese thanks to the Bishop, Priests, sisters and Benefactors.


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